Rx Packaging

Your Medications Packaged and Delivered to your Home!

  • Medications, Vitamins and other Pharmacy items
  • Arrive on-schedule at your door
  • Meds sorted for you by dose and time
  • Tear off just what you need, when you need it

My Pharmacy and Optical is proud to offer our dose packaging option for our patients. We work with your doctor to automatically manage your refills so you don’t have to.

Photo of before and after medication packaging.
A photo of medication box with dose packaging in a roll

Introducing Rx Packaging

A safer and easier way to take your medication

No more medication sorting
We sort your medication for you by the dose.

Confidence for caregivers
We sort your medication for you by the dose.

No more vials
Easy to open packets. No more reminder boxes.

Easy to read labels
Packets are very simple and clear. Time of admistration, directions, medication names and strengths are written on each packet.

Watch our Rx Packaging Video to learn more!

Worry-free care for your loved ones

Rx Packaging allows caregivers a peace of mind when it comes to managing your medication for a parent or a friend.

Find out if Rx Packaging from My Pharmacy and Optical is right for you.

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Each box is prepared with you in mind.

We are more than just a pharmacy. We care about our patients and understand each patient is unique. That is why we individually check and prepare each of our Rx Packaging boxes. Our medication packaging is designed to help make your patient’s lives easier and simpler. No more sorting pills, requesting refills, driving to the pharmacy or forgetting to take your medication.

We want to make sure you are in charge of your health and we do that through our packaging, making sure you know what you are taking and when you should take it. Our Rx Packaging program handles all refills for you so you can rest assured you or your loved ones will have your medication every month with little or no work on your part.

That’s quality service from your pharmacy

Photo of before and after medication packaging.

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