Two new pills are available to help prevent severe COVID-19, but both must be given within the first 5 days of symptoms or of testing positive if you have no symptoms:


PAXLOVID is a pill that is a combination of two medications that prevent the virus from making more copies of itself once it infects a cell. PAXLOVID has been found to reduce risk of progression to severe disease by 89 percent. The two medications must be taken together: three pills taken twice daily for five days. PAXLOVID can interact with many other common medications, so it is important that your health care provider knows all of the medications you are taking including herbal remedies such as Saint John’s wort. See the FDA’s fact sheet to learn more.  


Molnupiravor also interferes with the virus’s ability to make copies of itself, but by a different process. It is about 30 percent effective in preventing progression to severe disease. It cannot be given to women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, and men who are sexually active with women of reproductive age are advised to use reliable contraception for three months after receiving this medication. Molnupiravir is four pills twice a day for five days. See the FDA’s fact sheet to learn more

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