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Have you ever thought, “There are so many pharmacies near me – does it really matter which one I choose?” It’s true that there are many nationally and regionally owned pharmacies available in any area with a sizable population, and it’s not always easy to understand what, if any, are the important differences between them.

One option that sets itself apart from the rest, however, is the completely independent, locally owned and operated Orangeburg SC pharmacy. Orangeburg, SC is no different from the rest of the country in that these small local businesses have largely disappeared, replaced by large national chains with greater brand recognition. However, there is still an option here in the area for you!

Pharmacy Info
Located inside Singleton Health Center
1173 Village Park Drive – Orangeburg, SC 29118
Ph: 803-268-3020
Fax: 803-268-3021
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am – 6pm    Sat/Sun Closed

Go Local Pharmacy  For Your Medicines

While you may be tempted to think, “All the pharmacies and drug stores near me are the same,” as soon as you visit our pharmacy in Orangeburg, SC you will begin to notice the important factors that truly set us apart from our bigger competitors. Perhaps most importantly, there is a focus on personal interaction and relationship building with everyone who visits our pharmacy Orangeburg SC. In Orangeburg, SC patients deserve the kind of relationship with their pharmacist that used to be a standard feature of healthcare but has largely been forgotten.

We love our patients, and we can’t wait for you to discover the difference when you go local!

We’re Here for Orangeburg

Our genuine care for our customers plays out in real, significant benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. We offer testing and vaccine services, including COVID-19 and flu shots, so that you can get all your healthcare needs met in one convenient location.

Refilling your prescription is easy with our mobile app or call-in request. Did you know that we also offer home delivery for prescriptions at no extra cost? It’s important to us that our customers who have a difficult time getting to us can still get their critical medications when they need them. We’re proud to support the local customers of our pharmacy in Orangeburg SC, Columbia, Lexington, and the surrounding area with these and other valuable services.

People Also Ask

Are you still providing COVID-19 services?
Since COVID-19 is likely to continue impacting our lives for the long term, we keep our testing and vaccine services available for customers at our pharmacy. Orangeburg, SC customers can contact us to request tests for travel, employment, or other requirements.
What other personal touches can I expect compared to other pharmacies near me?
One big one is medications pre-sorted by dose and time! No more keeping a written record, then trying to remember later whether you forgot to take a medication or simply forgot to write it down. With each dose clearly labeled, you’ll always know what you’ve taken and when.
Do you offer the same level of convenience as the major drug stores near me?
We think you’ll find that getting your prescriptions from us is even more convenient. We have a mobile app, phone service, no-contact curbside pickup and even home delivery. We hope you’ll call us and let us tell you about more of the great advantages you will enjoy when you go local for your Orangeburg, SC pharmacy needs.
Can I get my children’s school vaccines at your pharmacy?
Yes! Just give us a call and we’ll get you set up with an appointment to get all the shots your kids need for a healthy, safe school year.